IDW MAX - modern and authentic

MAX - the modern man of today. Self confident, ambitious and at home in the world. MAX doesn't know any fixed fashion rules. He lives and loves fashion. MAX allows you a modern and authentic presentation.

What conveys self-confidence? The right attitude! Choose flexibly from five new positions - from static to dynamic - and present your brand young and elegant.

MAX combines a lively presentation with an easy handling. Our high quality metal connections and an optimized fit allow you a simplified handling. Experiences from working with the biggest brands in textile branch makes MAX to a mannequin with a perfect fit.

No matter what color you want. We deliver MAX in every RAL color and in every gloss level.

MAX stands with both legs in life. You have the choice whether MAX stands on glass, wood or metal bases. We offer a wide variety of base plates.
MAX is available now.
You will receive MAX within a short delivery time of 3-4 weeks.
You want to know more about MAX? No problem!
Here you will find all details about our new men's collection.

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